Lauryn Sires, M.S. Momentum Coach | Wellness Consultant

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"For many years, I kept adding more and more to my "plate". I thought I could handle everything, all by myself. I didn't know when to ask for help. Do you?."
~ Lauryn Sires

Lauryn Sires, M.S. Momentum Coach | Wellness Consultant

Choosing Burnout?

Nobody chooses burnout….do they?? Well I did. At the time I was oblivious, totally unaware. I thought I was expanding my horizons as I took on more, and more. And, it wasn't until I had a major health event that it occurred to me, my "healthy lifestyle" left something to be desired. I was totally blindsided! I couldn't believe it. Active "me" has cancer!

From that fearful, overwhelmed and stuck place, I went into information seeking overdrive. I spent hours, many hours, reading studies and gaining an understanding of what wellness is exactly. How much is under my control? How could I best care for myself? Knowing there aren't any guarantees, what steps would ensure me a longer and more vital life? Here's the bottom line on my exhaustive research... the same things that help me, will help you. And you do not have to wait for a health event to stop the overwhelm and start living a more joyful, lively and spirited life.

Change your brain & Thrive!

If you are in fear, overwhelm and stuck, it is easy to keep playing the same negative tape over and over again. What limiting beliefs are holding you hostage? Get out of your head and into your heart to create momentum. Becoming non-judgmentally aware of your authentic thoughts, emotions and desires are crucial. How are these affecting your environment at home, work and play? How can you create and maintain momentum?

Buddha was right when he said, "What we think we become." There is evidence that we actually grow new connections in our brain when we learn new things throughout life. How cool is that?

Think positively. Find ways to enjoy things you know are good for you. Explore movement. Open yourself to different ideas. Ask for help as difficult as it may seem. Exercise your brain and generate new thought processes to support change at any age.

My clients want change and know they are ready, or almost ready, to start creating a healthier and more robust life. You may be experiencing overwhelm, a health event or are fearful of one to come. You are busy and you know you need help to succeed. This time, you know success will NOT elude you. Excellent! Then I am here to take you on a transformative journey of your design.

Want to learn more about coaching or me? Or contact me directly at or phone [512.633.6259].